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Ultimate Frozen Strawberry Margarita

    Ultimate Frozen Strawberry Margarita

    A strawberry margarita is the ultimate summer drink! This quick and easy margarita requires only five ingredients, including frozen strawberries and limeade concentrate. Sugar the rims of your margarita glasses for a visually appealing presentation.

    On a hot summer’s day, there are few things more pleasant than a nice frozen strawberry margarita. This strawberry margarita’s taste will blow your mind whether you drink it at the pool, with chips and salsa, or on your front porch. These top-rated strawberry margaritas can be made in just five minutes with only a few simple ingredients and a reliable blender.

    Strawberry Margarita: What Goes into it?

    Here’s everything you’ll need to create the finest strawberry margaritas of your life:

    These margaritas are best served chilled, and a couple glasses of ice will make them mushy and delicious.

    Blanco tequila will work best for these strawberry margaritas.

    Triple Sec
    Go with a premium triple sec such as Cointreau for the finest flavour.

    Frozen Strawberries
    To provide a fruity sweetness to the margaritas, use frozen strawberries doused in syrup.

    Pure Limeade Extract
    The margaritas’ signature sour lime taste may be preserved and amplified by using frozen limeade concentrate.

    Strawberry Margarita Recipe

    Assuming you have a blender on hand, whipping up a batch of frozen strawberry margaritas is a breeze. A quick pulse or two in the blender is all it takes to shatter the ice. The other ingredients are then added and the mixture is blended until smooth. Margarita glasses for serving (with or without a salted rim).

    Hints and Kudos

    “Excellent. Definitely going to do this moving forward! Occasionally, we’ll add half of a huge jalapeño for a savoury and spicy twist “, Josh Koelker claims.

    “This margarita recipe has quickly become my go-to after numerous attempts. The premade mixtures from the shop just aren’t the same. Perfect, “Chris Charron crows about it.

    “Awesome!!! A perfect recreation of the restaurant version in taste! There isn’t a thing about this that I would alter. Three batches were cooked last night (enough for four people), and they were a huge hit “to quote Cathy Sirianni.


    • Use 2 cups of ice cubes, or more as desired.
    • Téquila, 6 fl. oz.
    • Triple sec, 2 ounces
    • Strawberry slices, frozen and drenched in syrup, 8 ounces
    • Frozen limeade concentrate (four ounces)


    1. Put ice in a blender and blitz it until it’s pulverised.
    2. Combine tequila, triple sec, and limeade concentrate in a glass. Stir in strawberries. When blended for around 30 seconds, everything becomes silky smooth.
    3. Serve immediately in four margarita glasses.
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