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These are the Eleven Best Drinks in Mexico that You must Try

    These are the Eleven Best Drinks in Mexico that You must Try

    Traditional Mexican beverages and cocktails go well beyond the ubiquitous margarita, and a beach trip in Loreto is the perfect opportunity to try something new. Savor the aromas of these Mexican classics while you watch the sun go down from a beachside lounge chair.

    Beverages Common at Traditional Mexican Celebrations

    1. Tequila

    Tequila is the most well-known shot to come out of Mexico, and you can find it behind bars in almost every country. Tequila is distilled from fermented blue agave plants in limited quantities and in certain regions of Mexico. Try a little of tequila in a variety of forms, from blanco to reposado to aejo, and appreciate the subtle differences in taste between each.

    2. The Mezcal

    Smoky mezcal is the tequila’s kin. Mezcal, which is made from agaves other than blue agave, keeps more of the smokey characteristics that result from the distillation process. It’s not as well-known as some of Mexico’s other renowned shots, but it’s gaining popularity outside Mexico’s borders.

    3. Raicilla

    Mixologists in Mexico and the United States are beginning to incorporate raicilla, formerly thought to as Mexico’s moonshine due to the lack of regulations surrounding its production, in their creation of artisanal Mexican cocktails. Made from the same agave plant as mezcal, the taste is somewhat smokey but also includes hints of fruit and flowers.

    4. Margarita

    The question “What are some classic cocktails in Mexico?” usually gets answered with “Margaritas,” yet every bar in Mexico has its own taste and style for margaritas. Although lime is traditionally used, bartenders often experiment with other tastes for margaritas, such as pineapple, cucumber, jalapeo, or even tamarind and prickly pear. Sometimes, instead of salt, tajin spice is used to line a margarita glass.

    5. Paloma

    You may not be familiar with palomas, but they are a kind of classic Mexican drink that is often mixed with tequila, much like many other Mexican cocktails. To make a paloma, all you need is grapefruit soda and a squeeze of lime; it’s even more refreshing than a margarita on a hot day.

    6. Carajillo

    The greatest way to end a dinner of traditional Mexican food is with a carajillo, one of Mexico’s best beverages, which may be enjoyed either hot or cold. To make a carajillo, freshly brewed coffee is mixed with Licor 43, a Spanish liqueur with notes of vanilla and lemon.

    7. Independent Beers from Small Breweries

    When asked, “What are some traditional beverages in Mexico?” tequila is commonly mentioned first, followed by beer. While multinational brewers’ products may be found all over the world, smaller brands and regional craft beers can be found across Mexico. Though not as numerous as their American counterparts, Mexico’s craft beers hold their own against the best in quality and freshness.

    8. Michelada

    One of the classic beverages you can buy everywhere in Mexico is the michelada, a beer-based cocktail with a spicy tomato sauce. The michelada is a beer-based variation on the Bloody Mary that includes clamato juice and spices. Brunch is a typical time for Micheladas to be served since they are said to alleviate the effects of the night before.

    9. Mexicali Wines

    Although most people don’t immediately think of Mexico when they think of wine, the Baja Peninsula to the south of California is really home to many vineyards that are responsible for some very exceptional bottles. Wines from Mexico are great with seafood and steak, and the best restaurants in the nation can offer a variety of wines to try.

    10. Jamaican Water

    You won’t be let down if you ask locals in Mexico about non-alcoholic versions of their favourite cocktails. The agua de jamaica is one of the most popular beverages in Mexico. This famous beverage is a tea made from dried hibiscus flowers, thus the name Jamaica, which is Spanish for hibiscus. It’s often served with classic Mexican dishes like tacos and enchiladas and has a little sweetness.

    11. Aguas frescas

    To refresh, try an agua fresca, a fruit-flavored water brewed from local ingredients. Lime with chia or basil, strawberry, or mango are just a handful of the flavours you’ll find at most places, from street taco stalls to fine dining establishments. These beverages are a great way to quench your thirst and keep yourself hydrated.

    When visiting Mexico, try some of the country’s finest libations and you could well come away with a new favourite cocktail or a novel take on an old favourite. These cocktails are tasty and refreshing, perfect for a holiday spent lazing by the pool or toasting a successful game of golf.

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