Zodiac Sign Birthstones And Their Meanings

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Aries birthstone: Aquamarine or diamond

Aquamarine is March Aries. Symbolizing bravery. Diamonds, with their unparalleled brilliance and lustre, are likewise highly sought after.

Taurus birthstone: Diamond or emerald

May Taureans are associated with the emerald, which is a deep green color that complements Taurus' earthy nature.

Gemini birthstone: Emerald or pearl

May Geminis are associated with the emerald, which can balance out Gemini's dual nature.

Cancer birthstone: Pearl or ruby

The exquisite pearl matches Cancer's emotional connection and love of the arts.

Leo birthstone: Ruby or peridot

Ruby is bright red, great for Leo. This red jewel boosts July Leos' confidence.

Virgo birthstone: Peridot or sapphire

Virgo can be too logical and hardworking. Their birthstone peridot helps them focus and overcome self-criticism.

Libra birthstone: Sapphire or opal

Libras are known for their diplomacy, and just like Libra, the royal sapphire is associated with bringing truth to the surface.

Scorpio birthstone: Opal or topaz

October Scorpios have opal birthstones. Opals are lucky and feminine, balancing Scorpio's mystery and darkness.

Sagittarius birthstone: Topaz or turquoise

 Topaz inspires resilience as well as rational thinking, complementing and balancing out Sagittarius' adventurous spirit.

Capricorn birthstone: Turquoise or garnet

December Capricorns can benefit from turquoise relaxing energy when they get a little too caught up in their responsibilities. 

Aquarius birthstone: Garnet or amethyst

February Aquarius might gain insight from amethyst's creativity and compassion. January Aquarians love garnet's heart-opening energy.

Pisces birthstone: Amethyst or aquamarine

Since Pisces is a spiritual sign, amethyst is a spiritual stone. March Pisceans expect aquamarine as their birthstone.

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