Your Zodiac Sign's Opportunities of Standing Up

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Aquarius follows their own set of rules and will not try to fit into any particular mould. They may not be quite ready for commitment because they are independent and rebellious.

Due to this, they are more likely to abruptly abandon others, such as by cancelling plans or disappearing after a few dates.


Cancers are extremely sensitive, and they occasionally have trouble setting boundaries for themselves.

They are easily influenced by the people or things around them because they are under the Moon's control, which is in charge of mood changes.


Sagittarius signs enjoy trying new things and interacting with others. They may stand people up because they feel the need to always be doing something.

According to Newman, this is because they might be juggling several projects at once, travelling, or making new friends, all of which make it simple for them to forget earlier plans.


Taurus people are typically dependable and wouldn't put someone down.

They are, however, ruled by Venus, the planet of luxury and pleasure, and if you know any Taureans, you know they value their own comfort above all else.


Leos are fire signs, like Sagittarius, who dislike staying put for too long. Leos are confident, can be a little dramatic, and frequently put their own needs and wants before those of others.

When a new opportunity arises and they are willing to forgo a date or their friends in order to take it, you might notice some of their rude tendencies.


Geminis have a natural curiosity and a willingness to change their plans. Therefore, you might want to have a backup if you make a plan with a gemini. 

When it comes to keeping appointments and fulfilling obligations, they sometimes have a hard time being committed.

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