Which Zodiac Sign Gets Hurt The Most In Relationships?

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Capricorn is the sign that is most likely to struggle in terms of romance and relating to others. 

Capricorns are extremely picky and look for even the smallest character defects in those they interact with.

2) LEO

Leo becomes a very sensitive sign when it comes to love! You definitely won't believe your eyes when you read this, but it's true: love

transforms these once-tough men into enormous teddy bears. Nonetheless, they are very prone to suffer harm as a result if their relationships end badly.


Like Leo, Libra is a kind-hearted sign; but, because they are so sensitive, they are frequently susceptible when they fall deeply in love. Although Libras like both giving and receiving love, 

they frequently find it difficult to cope with their overwhelming sadness when their romantic relationships end abruptly and they find themselves alone.


Those born under the sign of Aquarius have one of the biggest hearts and suffer immensely when their romantic relationships fail.

They leap headfirst into relationships since they are one of the three air signs and think that they will endure forever.


When it comes to expressing their feelings and disclosing how they feel, Virgos aren't exactly at ease.

Because the pain is so great, Virgos typically withdraw from their loved ones when they find themselves single because they can't bear to share it.

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