when should you text after a first date?

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Don't stress over texting too soon after the first date.

Send a text to your date that night if you want to."Actually, it makes more sense to send a message sooner rather than later.

Experts advise taking this path in particular if you are certain of the date and time for both parties: Are you sure that you two enjoyed yourselves and felt a connection?

If the response is affirmative, texting your date right away after the date is a great way to maintain the momentum and reassure them that you're interested in seeing them again."

If you're being careful, you can wait a little longer.

However, you are not required to text immediately or even that day. Despite a wide range of differing opinions,

the "general consensus is 24 to 48 hours" after a first date, according to research. As Lee continues, if you're unsure of how the date went for both parties, this is a good basic timeline to use.

"It's best to wait a day before texting if you're not sure how the date went.

Keep the text short and sweet by using phrases like "I really enjoyed getting to know you yesterday" or "Meeting you was so much fun!"

But don't wait too long to follow up.

Experts advise against worrying about texting too soon after a first date, but the opposite is true of waiting. 

"If you want to text someone to express how much you enjoyed your first date or to thank them for their time, you should do so no later than the following day.

If you intend to follow up with your first message more than 48 hours after the scheduled date, "You've been waiting too long.

Experts recommend being authentic over anything else.

Some claim that texting too soon or too late can give the impression that you are too interested or too eager. 

But avoid getting caught up in the specific timelines because, according to experts, authenticity is more important than anything else.

"The good news is that there are significantly more appropriate times than inappropriate times to do something.

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