What Zodiac Sign Is The Biggest Liar?

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Gemini is the biggest liar of all the zodiac signs

People frequently think of the Gemini personality when they imagine someone with amazing social and communication skills. 

Despite the fact that they seem to completely ignore their tendencies to lie. Gemini enjoys telling stories and talking, but if they're not careful, their mouths can get them into trouble.

Libra lies to avoid hurting people

One of the nicest signs in the zodiac, Libra abhors the idea of hurting others' feelings.

This sign goes to great lengths to avoid upsetting other people, even if that means acting as though they like their new jacket. This sign lacks the courage to spread unfavourable viewpoints.

Pisces does it to avoid commitment

Even though Pisces have a complex personality, one thing about them that stands out is their love of freedom. 

This hypocritical zodiac sign despises commitment and will not hold back from lying to get out of it. In the minds of Pisces, lying is done to spare the feelings of others.

Scorpio is a white liar

As one of the more dramatic signs of the zodiac, Scorpio loves to spice up everything with a little excitement, even if it means stretching the truth.

Scorpios are prone to telling small white lies because they want to be liked and the centre of attention.

Cancer does it unintentionally

Although they occasionally make up facts, the Cancer personality is very imaginative and creative, which is great.

Cancer feels the need to sound interesting and can't help but give events a little made-up context. This zodiac sign must amuse and dazzle its audience.

Aquarius has an adventurous mind

If you have friends who are members of this sign, you are aware that they value creativity and innovation. 

When an Aquarius is bored, they spend their time inventing tales and building an entirely new world. It's safe to say that this star sign frequently conflates fantasy and reality.

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