This Zodiac Sign Will Never Be Single

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Libras are on this list because they never give up hope of finding true love. According to mystic Lurie Kimmerle, who specialises in erotic spirituality

 Libra is "ruled by Venus, the goddess of love," which ensures "these hopeless romantics rarely stay single for long."


Scorpios are extremely intense, as anyone who has ever dated one will attest to. And if one has love-bombed you, it was for a good reason.

They frequently "jump straight to love without going through the 'getting-to-know-you' phase," according to Kimmerle.


If you have Gemini friends, you've probably heard about all the amazing first dates they've gone on.

Although this sign enjoys dating, they have a hard time settling down because they get bored easily.


Cancers are infamously homebodies who adore having a cosy, warm environment, which frequently includes a caring partner.


Since they are known for their intensity, Capricorns are not the type to date casually. 

They are seeking love if they are even considering dating someone. According to Kimmerle, they "want to build something real and will make sure their partner is also in it for the long haul."


Pisces are emotional and almost always seek love, albeit occasionally in the wrong places.

Kimmerle says Pisces people "will hold a flame for their love even in the most dysfunctional relationships." This sign tends to see the best in those around them.

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