The Most Intellectual Zodiac Sign

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Libra may not be the sign that immediately springs to mind when you think of intelligence because it is ruled by Venus, the planet of luxury and beauty.

The scales sign, however, has a genius talent for networking and communication, say experts.


Taurus is the sign with the best street smarts.The earth sign is endowed with logical common sense, which helps them excel in subjects like math, geography, the arts, and business.

Taurus enjoys reading both books and other people on a regular basis.


Mercury, the planet of thought and communication, rules the sign of Gemini. A Gemini has a fundamental personality that is adaptable and alert, contributing to their experimental

and inquisitive ability to reason and learn. They have a strong sense of thoughtful awareness and a keen ability to communicate, which makes them very clever.


Traditional definitions of intellectualism place Capricorn in the category of "strategic geniuses who constantly research and study what they need to know for their planned ambitions.


Mercury, the planet of thought, also rules the sign of Virgo. These people are very analytical, logical, and practical in their approach to life in general as well as to work and business. 

The Virgo aim is perfection and dedication. They are work-oriented and always busy.


Many people consider Aquarians to be the most clever, inventive, and intelligent signs of the zodiac. "Those born under this sign are naturally good at processing information

and have a distinct way of looking at things."They are perceptive and hardly ever find themselves outwitted in discussions or debates.

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