The Moodiest Zodiac Sign

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Since Virgos are known for their intensity and analytical nature, they frequently analyse a situation and become unhappy without expressing it to those around them. 

"Moody disposition derives from its strong awareness of the details and more specifically, the defective details," according to the earth sign.


Libras are not reluctant to express their feelings when they believe that someone has acted improperly. 

This balance-focused sign is described by Marquardt as bouncing between opposites, which results in perplexing disposition changes.

Marquardt believes that "such type of fluctuation can be hard to keep up with, leaving the other signs perplexed as to Libra's allegiance or position on any given subject."


Since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it is seen as the "baby" and can "be very tough to quiet down," according to Marquardt. They struggle with managing their emotions,

yet when they know what they want, they can be rather aggressive. When they don't get their way, these naturally charismatic people can come off as obnoxious and intense.


Scorpios are renowned for their intensity and enigmatic nature. They are easily "stuck on one particular emotion for a lengthy period of time, and they'll milk it for all its worth,"

according to Marquardt, who describes this brooding fixed water sign. They will harbour resentments and frequently exclude others or give them the cold shoulder without warning.


The energy of other individuals is absorbed by Pisces like a sponge. As a result, they are inclined to become emotional if someone nearby does.

This water sign is "more passive aggressive with its moods,


Because of the moon's dominion over the sign of Cancer, which Marquardt claims "flies around the zodiac the quickest," Cancers are constantly in a hyper-emotional state. 

This suggests that "Cancer is in a completely different mood every couple of days."

This erratic indicator, according to Marquardt, is characterised by "going to sleep joyful and waking up angry, frequently with no explanation for the quick shift in attitude."

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