The Greatest Germaphobe's Zodiac Sign,

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6 Leo

Leos normally enjoy being in the spotlight, but they'll go to great lengths to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Leo, one of the signs that tend to be more self-centered, hates not feeling glamorous when they are ill and never wants to appear weak to those around them

5 Libra

Libras are the reverse of Leos in that they continuously consider other people and desire what is best for everyone.

They are considerate of everyone's requirements and are ready for any eventuality, including the presence of germs.

4 Capricorn

Given that Earth is their element, Capricorns are grounded and practical people who value cleanliness and order.

According to Mystic Sense's professional astrologer Rachel Clare, "After all, a clean office is a productive workspace."

3 Aquarius

Even though their thoughts can be a little outlandish at times, Aquarius actually enjoys sticking to a schedule.

 According to Clare, they have a certain degree of stability and consistency because they are a set sign in terms of modality.

2 Virgo

It's no surprise that Virgo is one of the signs that will always be actively avoiding infections as they naturally dominate the region of life that is related to health and daily activities.

1 Gemini

The social environment is everything to Geminis, and they enjoy sharing their quick wit and quick talking. 

Mercury, their ruling planet, adds some clarity to the table, but it can also send them into overdrive.

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