The Crankiest Zodiac Sign

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Aquarius values their privacy and independence above anything else. They will become irritable if you interfere with that.

They have a set of habits and a method of doing things, so when their axis is upset, it has a significant negative impact on their mood.


Twins are the symbol for Geminis, and because of their dual nature, they are adaptable and versatile. They are chameleons who can easily fit into any social situation, 

but they are also prone to mood swings, and maintaining a positive demeanour in front of a crowd can become tiresome after a while.


Although it is well known that Cancers are steadfast and encouraging, they are also ruled by the Moon,

 who is in charge of all the strong emotions, therefore they are prone to being more moody than other signs.

When they believe they aren't receiving enough emotional support from those around them, these water signs put their grumpy pants on.


Like everyone else, Capricorns desire to be loved, yet they don't always exude a welcoming aura. They do have a soft side, while frequently appearing to be heartless robots.


While Virgos are known for their attention to detail and sense of practicality, they can also have a tendency to be nit-picky and irritable. 

Giving up control or feeling as though things aren't going according to plan will make these earth signs angry right away.


As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries may be somewhat grumpy, and even as fully grown adults, they still behave in a childlike manner.

Aries is the moodiest sign because it acts impulsively and gets stressed out easily, making its members grumpy and challenging to get along with.

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