The animals that are prohibited in some states in the U.S.

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Wildebeest Illegal in: Colorado

Most exotic pets, including wildebeests, are illegal to keep as pets in Colorado under the Wildlife Act. 

While some native reptiles are permitted, other animals like skunks, hedgehogs, racoons, and wild hogs are prohibited.

Southeast Africa is home to the wildebeest. Although they are not in danger, it is not a good idea to keep them.

Worldwide, it is forbidden to hunt them, and in Africa, they have a history of infecting local livestock with parasites and other diseases.

It would be difficult to find wildebeest in the United States even if these problems didn't exist.

Shrew Illegal in: California

Why would it be unlawful to keep such a cute, non-harmful animal? Obviously for the benefit of the creatures.

Some shrew species are threatened with extinction in California, and human interference may make them less likely to survive over the long term.

Only in Kern County, California, does the Buena Vista Lake shrew reside. Due to agricultural habitat loss and decreased genetic diversity, the species has suffered

To aid in the preservation of the species, the state passed the Act for the Buena Vista Lake shrew.

Wolverine Illegal in: California

California regulates the keeping of many other unusual animals in addition to shrews. 

Wolverines are also prohibited because keeping them in locations outside of their natural range may endanger nearby wildlife and even public safety.

The "mountain devil" moniker of the North American wolverine is not unjustified. It can weigh up to 40 pounds and is the biggest weasel on the planet.

Wolverines have no fear and can easily repel attacks from much larger predators. In some cases, they have even attacked bears. 

But the real reason they can't be kept is because illegal trappers used to hunt them heavily because their fur was so prized.

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