The amazing moment Frenchie befriends a dolphin

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The start of summer is quickly approaching. I don't know about you, but we are eagerly anticipating being able to cruise the waterways while the sun is smiling down on us. 

We now have a new summer objective after viewing this TikTok user @samxxxsavage video.

On the boat, this TikToker would take her French Bulldog. To begin with, that is really incredible. We must carry this out!

But secondly, the companion this dog makes and visits on a daily basis is completely extraordinary. Speak about your summertime objectives!

O.M.G. Hold it! Is this the actual world? This scene has all the makings of a story. Our hearts are melting as we see two unusual animals connect

and then continue to see one other practically daily throughout the summer. Nothing would make us happier than seeing these two new best friends again this summer.

I cherish dolphins. That must have been an amazing experience. Very fun and inquisitive," said @islandgirl323. 

And now that the evidence is there, we'd do anything to help our dogs become dolphin friends. Wouldn't that be Incredibly cool?

We don't deserve animals, tweeted @emilyjuneeee in a tweet. I'm sobbing. Right?! We adore how inquisitive they both were towards one another. 

And it seems almost incredible that they would visit one another. That is how you can tell if there is a unique link.

When the Frenchie returns to the ocean this summer, we hope they continue where they left off.

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