Most Saddest Zodiac Sign

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Tauruses are frequently not very vocal in public and may even come out as being secretive,

but it doesn't mean they aren't feeling anything. When faced with change, this obstinate earth sign may get depressed.


Virgos are renowned for their practicality and cunning. They frequently overthink everything, which can be emotionally upsetting.

Overanalyzing and manifesting their own mental catastrophe into reality are tendencies of the Virgo sign.


Libras strive for balance in their lives. They want to be successful at work, but they don't want to sacrifice having fun with their friends and family. 

This air sign will start to emotionally disintegrate when they sense that something is a little out of balance.


Scorpio has a strong presence that is frequently misinterpreted by other people.

This water sign is highly emotional, despite the fact that it may appear to indicate a different kind of intensity. They also have a propensity to exaggerate little issues into major crises.


According to Liz Roby, a professional astrologer with Astrologify, Pisces are extremely emotional and empathic individuals who frequently "take on the feelings of others and internalise them."

They are the first to cry at almost anything, and they almost certainly have never watched a movie on a plane without crying.


It should come as no surprise that Cancers are the most depressed of all the zodiac signs given their reputation for nurturing qualities and intensely sensitive personalities.

Because of their sensitivity, they may easily become overwhelmed and depressed, especially when confronted with challenging feelings or events.

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