Most Intuitive Zodiac Sign

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Over-processing information and over-thinking are widely recognised traits of Scorpios. They are also fairly intuitive as a result.


The vibe of a Libra is immensely calming and relaxing. 

This is the symbol that keeps people calm when everything around them is falling apart. They are great buddies because they always have your interests in mind.


Leos are independent thinkers who follow their own agenda.

This sun sign, which is hypersensitive to other people's energy and hence has the potential to be highly charismatic, compassionate, and intuitive.


Aquarians frequently focus on the future rather than the here and now.

This makes them one of the most perceptive signs since it provides them the uncommon capacity to be more tuned into the future.


Cancers are known for having strong emotions, which is a quality that helps them when it comes time to trust their instincts.

Their capacity for healing and empathy lends this sign sharp sensibilities.

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