Most Honest Zodiac Signs

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As the zodiac sign with the greatest capacity for compassion, Pisces is also one of the worst liars.

But this sensitive water sign occasionally finds themselves getting a little lost in their daydreams.


Sincere liars are not tolerated by Aries. Without thinking twice, this careless sign may deliver a direct text that might offend you. 

They have a "I don't care" mentality and are "extremely straight and frank in their approach," according to Won.


This sign isn't affected by outside drama because they are so intent on reaching their professional goals.

Capricorn has no patience for trivial actions like spreading rumours or making up tales.


As the justice scale is the sign of the Libra, it stands to reason that honesty is a significant component of what they idealise in their perfectly balanced universe.


Aquarians do not believe in making up small lies to appease others. They speak the truth without regard for the possibility that it will offend you. 

When you ask them for their opinion on a subject, they will immediately begin a lecture series.


As a result of their desire for their friends and family to trust them and rely on them in difficult times, cancers rarely keep anything from them.

"This highly emotional sign tends to be honest because they are just awful at lying and hiding the truth," says psychologist Dr. David R. Brown.

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