Most Happiest Zodiac Sign

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Sagittarians are open to new experiences because of their optimistic perspective and love of exploration.

Happiness is fueled by optimism, which Sagittarians possess in abundance.


They wear their emotions on their sleeves and want to share their delight with people around them, which makes Leos upbeat and appreciative of life's brighter moments.


This fiery, self-assured sign is happiest when given the opportunity to take the lead. They only fully thrive when they're leading the group because of their can-do mentality.

These energetic, independent, and self-driven individuals are aware of what they want and are prepared to take the required steps to get it.


Finding balance and harmony is what calm Libras are all about.

They "avoid conflicts and events that will throw them off kilter and create a drama free and steady environment" to keep their happiness.


Being emotional sponges, Pisces are known to absorb the energy of others around them.

They look for other merry people to hang out with as a result. A "melting pot of emotions," Pisces "absorbs the excitement and vitality of those around them."


Geminis choose happiness every time because they are aware that it is a choice.

This astute water sign described itself as "full of eagerness and passion." This erratic, inquisitive sign is fascinated by everything and everyone, making each day feel like a brand-new exploration.

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