Model Reveals Fashion Industry's Plus-Size Fittings

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There hasn't always been as much diversity in the modelling profession as there is today, and there is still work to be done to change many unjustified beauty standards.

This woman revealed a trade secret regarding plus size fittings in the fashion industry.

The plus-size model @redkaroline explained that some plus-size models aren't even plus-size models, which causes us to reevaluate everything we previously believed about modelling.

Karoline enquired, "What do I do," to which the booking staff replied that they would put her in a fat suit.Karoline was left with a perplexed expression as she questioned, "I what?"

We can understand how this type of distortion would make it more difficult for people to purchase who "guesstimate" what size they'd need based on what the model looks like

This form of misrepresentation may be common in the modelling industry.

Some people found this information shocking, so they made sure to express their opinions in the comments.

"EXCUSE ME THIS IS A THING," one individual said. Another individual said, "as if there are no real plus-size models? why do they behave that way?"

These insights into the modelling industry and how flawed these beauty standards are were well received by others.

One user remarked, "I admire all of these models coming forth about the modelling industry. 

Another individual commented, "When I was 13 years old, I was a "normal" size model for Victoria secret. I can now appreciate the disdain because I'm a woman of 23."

In a society when false beauty and body standards are perpetuated wherever you look, from social media to television, true body representation is crucial.

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