John Lynch reveals offseason communication with Tom Brady

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NFL offseason means it's time to start the Tom Brady-49ers rumour mill churning.

The internet has been particularly rife with rumours this offseason, with Brady having retired and San Francisco battling with ailments at quarterback.

In a press conference held on Tuesday at the NFL combine, general manager John Lynch detailed the depth of his offseason correspondence with the potential Hall of Fame quarterback.

After he retired, I texted him, Lynch remarked. "He was a teammate for approximately three weeks at one point,

so I texted him to wish him well on having one of the finest sporting careers I've ever witnessed. We'll end it there as I also wished him well.

It's uncertain if Brady even wants to come back. He might not even be a choice for the 49ers, either.

Yet, it's simple to imagine Lynch's subsequent discussion with Brady being more lengthy should Brady indicate a desire to play and San Francisco have a need under centre.

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