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Husky's Dramatic Reaction to Dad 'Eating Her Food' Should Win an Award


Every once in a while, huskies don't hesitate to speak up. Well, so perhaps more frequently than that. LOL! 

They are experts at being the loudest person in the room, ensuring that everyone can hear them at all times. One of the many reasons we adore these furry friends is just that.

The famed Husky wail frequently has a pattern or rhyme to it. And in this most recent footage posted by TikTok user @meekathehusky, it involved the Husky's father playing a practical joke on her. 

 Poor Meeka believed that her father was "eating her food," and she was upset. Get your ears ready for this one!

LMAO! Poor Meeka was unable to comprehend what was taking place. She was furious at this practical joke, and we would be too! You never make jokes about food!

She made sure to express her true feelings to them rather than just letting it slip. LOL! Oh yeah, she's definitely letting him know, said @user7048584952537.

as she ought to! After hearing her protest in this way, if we were her parents, we would never try a prank like this again.

"Very hilarious, love the crying and telling on him!!" commented @countryred65. We claim we adore it even if we don't have a Husky at home since we believe it would become old quickly. LOL!

Meeks, you need legal representation, remarked @jazzypit. We firmly concur! This is rubbish that you don't need to deal with.

Also, the perpetrators of this hoax should be held accountable, which will undoubtedly result in infinite treats for Meeka! Sadly, the rules are not set by us. It's simply the law!

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