Based on your zodiac sign, learn what kind of drunk you are.

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Aries  The fire starter

The Aries is frequently the one who starts the party off with the bottles popping, as you could anticipate.

Taurus  The stealth drunk

These people are more prone to be "stealth drunks" due to their obsession with appearance.

Gemini  The indiscrete drunk

Alcohol loosens the Gemini's lips, making them even more open to share since they already have less inhibitions than most people.

Cancer  The emotional drunk

Cancer is represented by the crab, which is a fitting emblem given that people with this sign are noted for having a hard shell that conceals their inner core.

Leo  The center of attention

Being outgoing by nature, Leos will push the boundaries of their performative personas even farther when their confidence is increased by a few drinks.

Virgo  The spicy drunk

 Virgos are perfectionists. Because of their analytical nature, they are observant and perceptive about other people's actions.

Libra  The lovey-dovey drunk

Libras are all about love, so when they've had a few drinks, expect them to become even more adorably affectionate.

Scorpio  The seductive drunk

While drunk, the Scorpio's internal conflicts may manifest and lead to outbursts of anger, but they are much more prone to become distracted by attractive people.

Sagittarius  The adventure seeker

Alcohol certainly brings up the Sagittarius's sense of adventure, making it a little easier to go exploring!

Capricorn  The rude drunk

If they do have a little too much to drink, Capricorns—who aren't always the most sympathetic characters—might unintentionally say things that hurt other people 

Aquarius  The drunken debater

Fun-loving drunks are typical among Aquarians. They make terrific party companions since they have lots of energy, enjoy dancing, and enjoy mingling with others.

Pisces  The high drunk

Alternately, the Pisces might appear to have had a little more than just booze! While the alcohol is pouring, their already surreal existence is only intensified.

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