5 Most Hypocritical Zodiac Signs

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1) Sagittarius cannot be trusted

Of all the zodiac signs, the sagittarius personality is undoubtedly the least honest and most prone to deceit. 

These locals lack authenticity in general and are frequently exposed for saying one thing, but doing another right afterwards.

2) Gemini draws people in with their charm

These guys are not strangers to stabbing others in the back in an effort to pull ahead of the pack, despite Gemini's apparent charm 

Heading 2

When the Gemini personality is focused on a goal, they will go above and beyond to attain it, even if it means lying.

3) Pisces pretends to be nice

The Pisces personality isn't the obvious choice to win the hypocrisy title because of their easygoing demeanour and love of life,

but when you delve a little deeper, their falsehoods become clear. Pisces is compelled to put up a false front in order to win over others.

4) Libra can be very manipulative

Libra temperament people may appear pleasant and harmless, yet below their innocent veneer lay powerful dishonest impulses. 

Because to their dislike of disappointing others and their want to be liked and accepted, Libras often pretend to be someone they are not.

5) Virgo will always play the victim

When thrust into the spotlight and criticised, the Virgo personality star sign becomes protective and irate. 

They are always willing to bring out the shortcomings and flaws of others. Virgo is quick to criticise others yet struggles to admit their own imperfections.

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