4 Things You're Eating That Could Be Depressing You

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1 Sugar-sweetened beverages

Consider how your mood may be affected if you ate 12 teaspoons of sugar and then swallowed them. You receive that amount in a standard Coke can.

According to Naidoo, consuming the refined sugars present in sodas causes blood sugar spikes that may cause serious mood swings and exhaustion.

Also, observational studies point to a link between mood problems and the consumption of beverages with added sugar.

2 Bacon, deli meat, and hot dogs

According to Naidoo, "low-nutrient, highly processed foods, especially cured meats

are frequently high in nitrates and chemical additives that cause inflammation in both our body and brain.

 Brain inflammation is a major cause of symptoms of poor mental health like anxiety.

3 Refined grains

White bread and white rice are examples of foods with a high glycemic index that Naidoo advises her patients to avoid eating in moderation.

These types of refined grains have lost a lot of their nutrients and fibre.

"These foods encourage inflammation and have a poor impact on gut microbiota health, which impairs gut-brain connection.

4 Fast food

The occasional hamburger and fries won't likely send you into a clinical depression, but eating fast food frequently can.

Salt, saturated fats, processed sugars, and even trans fats are frequently found in high concentrations in fried foods and fast food meals, which can exacerbate anxiety and depression.

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