4 Indices Your Partner Will Never Cheat

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1 They're chill with their tech.

When cheating, a person may be protective of their devices, either hiding them or adding extra security features 

like fingerprint scanners and encrypted apps. Your partner might be more relaxed if they are less likely to cheat.

2 They have never cheated before.

A person may be less likely to cheat in the future if they have never done it before."

This is due to the fact that a person's past behaviour is frequently an excellent indicator of their future behaviour, especially when it comes to issues of integrity and personal beliefs.

3 The two of you have a high level of emotional intimacy.

Additionally, your relationship is important. Cheating might be less of a problem if it is reliable."

 Strong emotional connections between partners increase the likelihood that they will feel content and fulfilled in their relationships

4 They have these personality traits.

You can also tell if your partner will cheat by learning more about their personality.

They frequently denote traits like responsibility, dependability, empathy, comfort with emotional intimacy, trustworthiness, and the capacity to withstand temptation.

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