4 Fiercely Independent Zodiac Signs

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1. Aquarius 

The free-thinking Aquarius is unaffected by other people's opinions in their decisions or actions.

Because they are so independent, Aquarians don't feel obligated to appreciate something just because it is well-liked or because others suggest it.

Aquarians must learn for themselves, and if they are the only ones advocating a cause, that is okay. They are just interested in their own approval.

2. Sagittarius 

Because they are so autonomous, Sagittarians require the freedom to go and go as they please. They do not want to be need to request others' permission.

Sagittarians are adept at adapting, so they don't worry about travelling to a foreign country where they don't understand the language.

3. Aries

Aries people pride themselves on being independent, which is one of their many strengths.

They may take chances or choose poorly, but they are aware that they will eventually arrive where they need to be and gain the knowledge they require. They have faith in their gut.

Even when others try to talk them out of it, Aries won't back down and will always take the initiative.

4. Gemini 

Those who are Geminis tend not to envy others' possessions and don't hold it against them.

Instead of feeling envious, they work to achieve their goals. Geminis are not people who thrive on compliments or take criticism personally.

They use criticism from others to their advantage, but they don't allow it influence what they do.

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