3 Zodiac Signs That Always Seek Revenge

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As Venus, the planet that rules assets and aesthetics, rules Taurus, this sign is more inclined than others to seek retribution through wealth and attractiveness, 

 looking well and living comfortably while shrugging chilly shoulders. Taurus' vendettas keep them young, and they are prepared to carry a grudge to death.


This permanent water sign doesn't forgive or forget anything. Scorpio plays the long game like Katy Perry,

who waited until she was a well-known pop singer on stage at her alma mater to call out a guy in the crowd who had wronged her in high school, heckling him with,

"You never wanted to date me... You made a great decision, honey. What's happening, playa?


Retaliation is most likely to be served cold to Capricorn. Sea goats strike firmly in the wallet rather than below the belt by relying on a strategy of scarcity.

Take Capricorn Elin Nordegren, formerly Wife. Tiger Woods, who insisted that her philandering spouse pay her $750 million as part of their contentious divorce deal. 

Later, including her engagement ring, Nordegren auctioned off EVERY.SINGLE.PIECE of jewellery Woods had ever given her.

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