3 Zodiac Signs Are The Biggest Flirts

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Geminis should not be surprised to see themselves at the top of this list since Mercury, the Roman God of communication, rules Gemini.

Geminis are "quick thinkers and even rapid talkers," according to Ms. Charlotte, which accounts for their "gift for banter."

Though they might make flirtatious comments to everyone in the room (including you), don't be hasty to read too much into it.


If you know anything about Libra, you are aware that Venus, the planet of love, rules the sign. 

This makes Libras inherently attractive, making them maybe "the most beautiful of the zodiac," in Ms. Charlotte's opinion. 

Although they may be attractive, it is their demeanour that makes them an unstoppable flirt.


Try not to visualise your future with a Sagittarius unless you are certain that it is genuine if you ever find yourself flirting with one. 

Because Sagittarians "don't have a 'end game' as they just hunt for beginnings, their love relationships seem so aimless and exploratory," Ms. Charlotte claims. 

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